I am always happy to create the Ultimate Fantasy.

I pride Myself on My attention to detail. I truly enjoy diving in and creating a masterpiece of kink filled debauchery that will far exceed your expectations.

Whether it is a simple foot worship request or a highly detailed role play with various players, I thrive on orchestrating beautiful and artful meetings.

The more decadent, the better.

In order to do this I will need the vital components to your specific thought process and kinks.

I welcome respectful questions, if you send several emails, when it could easily be handled in under 4, I will require payment to show your legitimacy, and genuine interest in booking time with Me.

To arrange a private booking, a minimum of 24 hours notice, same day rarely works, it’s advised that you plan ahead to guarantee success.

Real time meetings:
$400 per hour
$800 2 hours
$1600 4 hours
$3200 8 hours
$7100 24 hours

*I specialize in over the top visualizations of Fetish, Domination and BDSM

*Custom video clips start at $20 per minute.

*Custom photos start at $30 each

*Webcam/FaceTime bookings are $10.00 per minute and must be prepaid.

*Phone bookings are $4.00 per minute and must be prepaid.

*All meetings 2 hours or longer require food/drinks/social time

*2 Mistress Meetings are double the amount listed above.

*A deposit is required to book any and all meetings.

*Screening is mandatory, if you have any issues with this, kindly save Us both time and move along.

*All meetings outside of My space are a 2 hour minimum and may be subject to travel fees.

*I do not charge for specific services only for My time, talent and expertise.

*highly involved meetings that require much planning and execution will have additional fees associated on a case by case basis.

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