From a young age I knew the power a beautiful woman had over men. I utilized My intelligence and appearance to get what I wanted and over the years have become quite the Goddess. 
I have been a financial dominant since before it was all the rage. Men spending wildly, excitedly and generously on Me turns Me on.
It’s nothing for a devoted pet to drop $10k in a few hours of play. I am a Capricorn, after all. We are known to be earthy, seductive, magnetic, sexually powerful souls. Just take a moment to gaze into My eyes, but not too long lest you fall into something you can’t get out of. 
I’m all about scaling the heights of success as I look down on My flock of devoted fans. Their worship and adoration fuels My fire. The men that adore Me aren’t necessarily submissive or a slave but more just want Me in their lives any way they can get Me. Hence the financial aspect of it all.
Simply put, men want to give to Me, give Me money and gifts to make My life enjoyable. They love seeing Me in luxury.
Some have developed an addiction to this exciting lifestyle. I never exploit or use unwillingly. Men come to Me of their own free will. Who am I to deny them this pleasure 😉 
Financial domination isn’t the only interest I have. I truly am a natural dominant. It’s just who I am. I embrace it lovingly.
I use My intuition to navigate through the masses of men wanting to serve and zero in on the chosen few that are allowed into My inner circle.
Yes it’s true many wish to serve, some get to, some don’t. Life isn’t fair. In order to stand out you must step up and give reason to be seen. 
In person sessions are indulgent, hedonistic adventures. There’s something about feeding off the power exchange that sets Me on fire. I am an insatiable, power hungry Fem Domme.
I demand obedience at all times. I can turn cold and vicious in a second. Like a coiled serpent ready to strike. 
Only those on their best behavior are granted audience with Me. 
I am not strictly a mean Dominant, that feels the need to yell and chastise, I believe there is a time and place for everything. I prefer to seduce.
My sensuality is infinite and I relish different and unique avenues of exploration. I want you to want to please Me.
I want you to become the perfect man to play with.
I do not think all men are losers, though there is certainly no shortage of them.
I connect with intelligent, powerful, successful men that need to relinquish control.
Perhaps they possess a kinky fantasy or two but most importantly they find Me irresistible and are compelled to do whatever it takes to be in My life. 
A fun, willing player that shows enthusiasm is what I like.
Chemistry is vital.
Without it, life has no meaning.